Ambulance Seen at Charlotte Abortion Clinic Taking Woman to Hospital: Latrobe Dr.

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Today, Monday, October 1st, 2012, at approximately 3:05pm, an ambulance arrived at a Charlotte abortion clinic, A Preferred Women’s Health Center at 3220 Latrobe Dr. Charlotte, NC 28211, to take a woman from inside the clinic to the hospital.

Three St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church parishioners, from the parish Respect Life group, were at the location praying from 1pm to 3pm as vigil participants in the 40 Days for Life campaign. Just after they left and as they were pulling out onto Wendover Rd., they saw an ambulance turning onto Latrobe Dr. with no sirens on.

They turned around to see if the ambulance was going to the abortion clinic. Sure enough, the ambulance pulled into the abortion clinic at Latrobe, the EMT’s went inside for a few minutes, and came out with a woman on a stretcher. This was about 3:15pm. There was also a car next to the ambulance ready to follow it to the hospital.

Kelly A., who took the photos, said to me tonight, “No one ever seems to leave that place happy–they’re either balled up in pain or miserable, but definitely not happy. If they could only realize that beforehand…”

The parishioners watched the whole scene until the ambulance left.  No other details as they couldn’t see very well.  Four photo were taken as you see here.
Please pray for this woman!  We all know the tragic story of Tonya Reaves, the woman from Chicago who died after a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood just this summer.
This Charlotte abortion clinic at Latrobe Dr., where you see the ambulance in these photos, is the very same clinic where the abortion doctor was caught on video recently talking about the “ugly black babies” he aborts.  See here and here and it even made the news across the pond here.
This same thing happened at the Hebron Rd. abortion clinic, Family Reproductive Health during the spring 40 Days for Life campaign earlier this year, where an ambulance took a woman to the hospital after being wheeled out of the back door of the abortion clinic curled up in a fetal position on a stretcher.   We were able to capture it on video (watch here and here), do a press release, and put it up on You Tube. We do this so more people can be aware that abortion is not safe.
ABORTION IS NOT SAFE!!!!   Making abortion legal does not make abortion safe.
The 40 Days for Life campaign began September 26 and finishes November 4.  Between the two Charlotte vigil sites at the abortion clinics at Latrobe Dr. and Hebron Rd., there have been 4 babies saved from abortion (that we know of) so far.  Thank you to everyone who stands vigil at the clinic to intercede and pray. What you do matters!

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