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Hello Charlotte-area Pro-lifers!

The next 40 Days for Life campaign will take place from February 13 – March 24.

40 Days for Life is a hugely successful pro-life prayer vigil that takes place for 40 days straight two times a year outside abortion clinics all over the U.S. and abroad.  The last Fall 2012 campaign saw the lives of 821 innocent children saved, and over 50 of those saves right here in Charlotte!

Will you be an integral part of saving a child’s life in YOUR city in 2013?

We have two vigil sites taking place in Charlotte. Sign up to now stand with us on the sidewalk to pray, fast, and intercede  for an end to abortion.  There is much to pray for: for children to be saved from abortion, for abortion workers to leave their jobs, for the four abortion clinics in our city to shut down, for abortion in our nation to end, and for those affected by abortion to be healed by God’s loving kindness.


The 40 Days for Life prayer vigils cannot be successful without your commitment to stand as a visible, public witness outside our local Charlotte abortion facilities. Your presence does matter! We need you!

1st: Please sign up on our vigil calendar to pray at two of our local abortion clinics, Latrobe Dr. and Hebron Rd. You will also find the addresses here.

By signing up you are letting us know when and where we have prayer coverage and where there are gaps.

2nd:  Sign up for our daily emails of stories from the sidewalk by emailing charlottecoalitionforlife@gmail.com and entering “subscribe” in the subject line.  You can also sign up for vigil times by emailing us.

3rd: Follow us for updates and news on our local Facebook page including updates on the day to day number of saves from our vigils.

4th:  Go to our Resources tab for a print out of local crisis pregnancy resources, should you have an opportunity to hand one out on the sidewalk.

Sign Up

Both locations need coverage 7 days a week from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm all 40 days.  It is imperative to faithfully cover all hours with a constant witness  so that lives might be saved,  that hearts might be changed, and that our city’s abortion clinics will close their doors!

Our leaders for the Spring 2013 campaign are:

Latrobe – Dan Gallagher

Hebron – HeatherLee Finn

Please email either leader with any questions, commitments or concerns:  charlottecoalitionforlife@gmail.com

Thank you!  We cannot do this without you.  See you on the sidewalk!

To God be the Glory!


Below: Sean Carney, 40 Days for Life director, with Abbey Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director who left her job and joined the pro-life movement following a 40 Days for Life vigil at the abortion clinic where she worked.



Our two 40 Days for Life vigil locations here in Charlotte are at the abortion clinics on Latrobe Dr. near uptown and Hebron Rd. near south Charlotte. There is much significance in the street names of these two abortuaries.

In the Bible, Hebron was a safe haven, a City of Refuge, where none could be put to death without judgement; in Charlotte, Hebron is the street on which one of the abortuaries sits, where innocents are put to death. Let us restore honor to Hebron and drive out the evil through our prayer. Latrobe is the name of the architect who built the Supreme Court of the United States. Who would have know that from that building a law upholding the right of mothers to kill their children would be passed? What kind of justice is this from our highest court?

Both of these locations have names with rich significance in the pro-life movement. If we are faithful, these clinics will be shut down. Prayer is that powerful. Please sign up today on our vigil calendars to help us get all hours covered, and to offer up this vigil to our heavenly Father. Click the “Get Involved” tab for location addresses and a sign up calendar for each vigil site.

              One of the unique opportunities at the 40 Days for Life Hebron vigil site is being a very “visible” witness to cars passing by day and night. The reality  and significance of this was shown to us yesterday, Monday, Day 34, in a most beautiful way. Yet, the day started out pretty sad…
              Day 34 started off with the abortionist from Tennessee, Richard Manning, arriving and beginning to slaughter what looked like about 10 babies’ lives; about 50% of the cars that came to Hebron were from South Carolina. Many of these cars came with what appeared to be mothers bringing their young daughters for abortions. As we stood in prayer, we commented on how terrible it was for Charlotte to be a “destination” city for both abortionist and clients! Most likely, their state laws prevented many of these “services” from being performed there…so they came to our city and state, Charlotte, NC.!
              Shortly after noon, the abortionist had finished the killing and most of the patients were leaving. It was a time of sadness for those of us standing throughout the morning watching and waiting in prayer and fasting. That is when a car pulled up, stopped, and this beautiful young gal, Laury, handed us a cup of coffee. She said she didn’t realize there were 2 of us…so she was going to get another cup and bring it back. We tried to thank her and tell her that was not necessary, but she insisted. About 30 minutes later, she returned with coffee and sandwiches. We were so encouraged and told her she was an angel to us!
              Laury then began to tell us that she drives by often and just wanted to say “thanks” and “don’t stop” because it is so important! She went on to tell us that her mother often picks up her dad from his work about 10:00 pm in the evening and sees people out praying through the night! This had made a real impression on her family. Attached is a picture that we took with Laury and Marty (a faithful 40 Days for Life Hebron participant!). It was all we needed to be encouraged and to persevere to the finish line!
              We wanted to share this because there are so many people that have come out to pray during this 40 Days for Life Hebron…throughout the day and night. Faithful and committed to do all they can to pray to end abortion. There are also many that are praying by proxy from homes, businesses, and schools that are supporting this as well. We hope this encourages you; it definitely did us!          ~Katherine Hearn, Local Sidewalk Counselor
How this time of prayer came to be today, only the Lord knows . . .
I knew I would be in the area near the Hebron clinic today [Tuesday, October 23] and planned to stop for prayer. I sent Katherine an email last night hoping for the “chance” that perhaps Katherine might be available for prayer together today. Anyway, I arrived this afternoon and was praying alone. Then, Katherine pulled up and we were praying together. She looked up and saw an old Hispanic friend (named Gisella, a sweet sister in the Lord). She was with 2 of her lady friends, including one with her little 3-year old daughter as well as her newborn.

After a short introduction, we all decided to pray individually in unison. These precious Godly, Hispanic women were praying in the Spirit. There was no doubt that these women each had a strong relationship with the Lord. Intermittently, we would pause and Gisella would interpret  prayer petitions for us all. Katherine and I were SO blessed to learn that one of the ladies was celebrating her 40th birthday TODAY while the baby was celebrating her 40th day of life TODAY! Our birthday lady wanted us to know that she had just opened her home to other women today in thanksgiving and praise to God for her life. She further stated that she wants to do this on Wednesdays as a way of ministering to women.
We wondered what the Lord was trying to show us. A couple of very personal and challenging petitions brought us all to tears as we prayed corporately and individually, laying hands on one of the ladies who admitted to us that she had had an abortion at Hebron some time ago. That admission was to be the first step of her freedom from this stronghold. As she wept, we wept with her. After our prayer time together, we all embraced and went our different ways … each feeling the presence, power, and blessing of the Lord as He brought us each together (despite not one of us ever anticipating how we would each play an important part in each other’s lives today).
As Katherine and I hugged goodbye, we both wondered why the Lord had allowed us to be present in such sweet fellowship with such precious women. Blessing upon blessing from the Lord. Perhaps we’ll understand one day why He allowed our paths to cross. Thanking God for 40 Days for Life in Charlotte, for the opportunities and encouragements the Lord allows and ordains in our lives for His Kingdom.

~ By Jill Coward
    Oct., 23, 2012
    40 Days for Life prayer vigil, Fall campaign 2012 @ Family Reproductive Health, Hebron Rd., Charlotte

Pro Life HispanicOn Thursday, October 16, 2008 during the Fall 40 Days for Life Charlotte vigil (at Latrobe) my life changed dramatically . . . I think many of our lives changed that day.

It was about 9:00 am when we were standing in prayer at Latrobe with a veteran sidewalk counselor, Chris Griffin. A car stopped and two beautiful Hispanic gals, mom and daughter, got out. We talked with them, and they seemed eager for help. As it turned out, the daughter was pregnant; the circumstances were terrible, frightening, and seemed overwhelming. But God . . .

They let us take them to the Pregnancy Center where a great counselor, Lisa, spoke to them. We went to the Missionaries of Charity and met with them. Housing would not be a problem! What a relief! We called Northgate Family, and got an appointment for the following Tuesday. What relief! We went to the school of this young pregnant mom and talked with them. By late that day, plans had been made, resources were in place, and all seemed fine.

But, on Sunday night we got a call . . . this young mom was being brought back for an abortion on Monday, Oct. 20, 2008. Some of those in authority over her just felt this was too much to handle. They were afraid and this seemed like the “best” option. But God . . .

As people involved with 40 Days for Life stood on the sidewalk that Monday morning, we all witnessed the courage of this young mom’s mother (the grandmother of the baby to be aborted) as well as a Hispanic sidewalk counselor, Maria, that was there that morning. She walked into the Latrobe abortion clinic with the grandmother (who did not speak English) and demanded to stop this from happening. Needless to say, the sidewalk counselor was threatened with calls to the police, but the young mother along with her grandmother left that day. This baby was to live!! This mom was to be spared from the pain of abortion!!

The following day, Tuesday, October 21, 2008 mom and grandmother were taken to Northgate Family and seen by doctors. The pregnancy was confirmed and many of the fears were finally able to be addressed. Over the next months, Northgate continued to care for this young mom. Ministries like Truth & Mercy, Room at the Inn and others came alongside for support, witness, and help. On April 10, 2008 the little boy was born!

The picture attached shows this little boy surrounded by family and friends at a recent Hispanic Pro Life event (Gisela was a vendor there). The amazing love that this family has shown for each other and this little boy, now 3 years old, has been transforming for me . . . and many of us. “With God all things are possible.” They are great warriors for Life!!!

As we approach Oct. 16, 2012 during this 40 Days for Life Charlotte, I am reminded of how critical it is to show up, being a prayerful presence!! Also, I am reminded of how much we need each other, resources, able to “provide alternatives” (thanks, Russell, for those words). Please sign up, show up, and be ready to witness what God will do in your life! 

~ Katherine Hearn

365 days- seems like such a long time and yet it has passed in the blink of an eye.  One year ago today, God chose to call my wonderful daughter Kortney and my pre-born granddaughter, Sophy Joy, to be with Him. Though time has slightly eased the pain, my heart still aches and yearns to see her beautiful, radiant smile and to hear that infectious laugh. To hold her in my arms and to hear the words, “I love you Mom.”  Selfish dreams, I will admit, in light of the fact that Kortney and Sophy Joy have begun their eternal journey, walking the streets of gold and sitting at the feet of our Heavenly Father.  Protected from the all the sin and darkness of this world here on Earth.

Kortney worked diligently, doing everything in her power, including spending unending hours on her knees in prayer, to put an end to the travesty of abortion. It was her passion and mission in life, along with serving her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I take comfort in the thought that He recognized this and after 28 short years on this earth, He took her home to rest and to meet all the precious babies she worked so tirelessly to save. The verse Matt. 25:21 comes to mind, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

Losing a loved one can bring about many changes in your life.  Priorities change.  I’ve come to the realization that life is short and I need to make the most of every moment, focusing on things that really matter.  Doing what I can to make a difference.  This year, I have renewed my relationship with the Lord and have found a wonderful church home.  I have had the opportunity to experience a small taste of Kortney’s life, by participating in events such as March for Life and 40 Days for Life and being a part of the growing Charlotte Coalition for Life.  Through these events, I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people and have made many forever friends.

Kortney touched many lives and continues to do so, even after her passing.  It is my honor to ensure that her legacy continues and to carry her torch to protect the unborn and do all I can until abortion is finally abolished.  I want to make a difference and I will defend the defenseless.

I encourage anyone that reads this, if you already aren’t, to pray fervently and take a stand.  Become an activist and let the world know, we mean business.  We are warriors of the cross and it is up to us as Christians to pray for and act to change our world.

~ Kristin Blythe

II Chron. 7:14

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”


Note: Kortney Blythe Gordon was an abortion abolitionist and Students for Life field director.  She was tragically killed in a car accident one year ago today, along with her unborn daughter, Sophy.  Read more about her inspiration as a pro-life activist here and here. Pictured are Kortney and her mother Kristin at Kortney’s bridal shower and wedding day, which took place earlier that year.

Can you believe it’s already been nine days since the start of the 40 Days for Life Fall campaign? It’s amazing how much has happened in the last week. Here are two videos by our watcher at the Hebron gate, Russell Justice. He documents a few moments of the first day of the vigil, which started Wednesday, September 26.

Here’s the next video. You’re never too old or too young to be a prayer warrior!

Senior Citizen Pro-Life Prayer Warrior: 40 Days for Life


Today, Monday, October 1st, 2012, at approximately 3:05pm, an ambulance arrived at a Charlotte abortion clinic, A Preferred Women’s Health Center at 3220 Latrobe Dr. Charlotte, NC 28211, to take a woman from inside the clinic to the hospital.

Three St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church parishioners, from the parish Respect Life group, were at the location praying from 1pm to 3pm as vigil participants in the 40 Days for Life campaign. Just after they left and as they were pulling out onto Wendover Rd., they saw an ambulance turning onto Latrobe Dr. with no sirens on.

They turned around to see if the ambulance was going to the abortion clinic. Sure enough, the ambulance pulled into the abortion clinic at Latrobe, the EMT’s went inside for a few minutes, and came out with a woman on a stretcher. This was about 3:15pm. There was also a car next to the ambulance ready to follow it to the hospital.

Kelly A., who took the photos, said to me tonight, “No one ever seems to leave that place happy–they’re either balled up in pain or miserable, but definitely not happy. If they could only realize that beforehand…”

The parishioners watched the whole scene until the ambulance left.  No other details as they couldn’t see very well.  Four photo were taken as you see here.
Please pray for this woman!  We all know the tragic story of Tonya Reaves, the woman from Chicago who died after a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood just this summer.
This Charlotte abortion clinic at Latrobe Dr., where you see the ambulance in these photos, is the very same clinic where the abortion doctor was caught on video recently talking about the “ugly black babies” he aborts.  See here and here and it even made the news across the pond here.
This same thing happened at the Hebron Rd. abortion clinic, Family Reproductive Health during the spring 40 Days for Life campaign earlier this year, where an ambulance took a woman to the hospital after being wheeled out of the back door of the abortion clinic curled up in a fetal position on a stretcher.   We were able to capture it on video (watch here and here), do a press release, and put it up on You Tube. We do this so more people can be aware that abortion is not safe.
ABORTION IS NOT SAFE!!!!   Making abortion legal does not make abortion safe.
The 40 Days for Life campaign began September 26 and finishes November 4.  Between the two Charlotte vigil sites at the abortion clinics at Latrobe Dr. and Hebron Rd., there have been 4 babies saved from abortion (that we know of) so far.  Thank you to everyone who stands vigil at the clinic to intercede and pray. What you do matters!

It has been an in incredible time of prayer and fasting during this 40 Days for Life at Hebron. I had the great blessing to be out in prayer on Friday morning, arriving early about 6am to relieve Heatherlee from pulling another “all nighter”! It wasn’t long before a middle aged man arrived to pray and picked up a sign. I stood by the driveway in prayer, holding my sign “I Regret My Abortion”. He prayed and walked for a couple of hours; I stood in silent prayer at the gate. When he was ready to leave, he walked over to me and we began to talk. When he saw my sign, he looked at me and began to share some of his post-abortive history. I told him my abortion had been 36 years ago. He had just turned 37 years old. Then, he shared with me that he had talked his ex-girlfriend into having an abortion 16 years ago. As we stood and shared our past history in tears, I was able to give him some post abortive information that we give out to moms and dads leaving the abortion clinic.

I just wondered how many other “dads” there are that come to join us in prayer during this 40 Days or are just driving by that have also experienced the pain of a past abortion. It was a great time of fellowship on Friday with this young father. When he left, we hugged and realized that God was bringing us all together for many purposes. I believe one of the greatest is to receive the love and healing that He alone desires. I was humbled and filled with the Joy of the Lord to have met this brave father.

If you have experienced a past abortion, there is help. I am a part of Silent No More Awareness Campaign. We stand in public places and give our testimonies. All of us have a unique story; all of us have received healing from a post-abortive Bible Study. There are lots of resources on their website. Please check it out. Please come join us during this 40 Days for Life Charlotte!